TCV Summer School Program 2018

  1. To enable Tibetan children living abroad to join TCV Summer Camp to learn Tibetan language, culture, history and basic principles of Buddhism.
  2. To experience first hand the Tibetan exile community in India through visits and interaction with TCV children.
  3. To enable the children to get a feel of the Tibetan spirit of maintaining their identity in exile and a better sense of understanding and appreciation of the  Tibetan cause and aspirations.

Program schedules and events:
The 2018 Summer Camp program will be held from 2nd July 2018 – 10th August 2018. This cover five weeks program in stretch.  The further detail information are as follows.

July 2, 2018 (Monday)
10.00 am                       :       Children to report at TCV Head Office
4.30 pm (afternoon)    :       Program Orientation in Dekyi Tsering Hall

I. Weekday Programs:
This will be of two types-beginners & advanced as below:

A.  Tibetan language
Tibetan calligraphy classes for beginners and advanced
Tibetan Grammar & composition for beginners/advanced

B.  Tibetan History
Tibetan history: Highlighting some of the great kings,
Gaden Podrang Government and the Dalai Lamas,
Chinese Invasion and 1959 Uprising and aftermath

C.  Buddhism and Values
Basic Principles of Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetan Religious festivals

D. Tibetan Culture and Traditions
Tibetan dress – regional differences and types
Tibetan cuisine and how to make some of them
Tibetan way of life and experiencing some of them
Tibetan performing arts – learning songs, dances and instruments

E. Current Tibetan Situation
Tibetan Government-in-Exile:Visits & study sessions
Tibetan communities in exile: visits and discussions
The Tibetan issues in International arena:Study & discussions
H.H the Dalai Lama’s Middle Way Approach:Study & discussions

II. Weekend Programs:
Site visits around Dharamsala
Group discussions and doing projects
Camping in TCV branches and interaction with TCV students

The minimum age requirement is 10 years & the maximum age requirement is 17.

The accommodation for the participants will be arranged in different homes and we try to accommodate not more than two participants in one home. This arrangement is made to facilitate students to improve their spoken Tibetan language.

Rain Gear and other accessories:
Since the monsoon will be in full swing during that time, the parents are requested to include complete rain gear (raincoats/umbrella, boots) in their packing list. The parents are requested not to send any electronic gadgets with their child except for a simple cell phone which should be deposited with the home mother.

Dress Code:
Students are requested to bring decent dresses during the program. We will be observing “Lhakar” (White Wednesday) every Wednesday, so kindly bring at least one set of Traditional dresses. (Chuba)

Medical assistance:
TCV health centre will handle all the minor medical cases; however major medication and referral cost should be borne by the parents

Documents to be attached along with the Application:
1. Two Recent PP size picture of the applicant
2. Authorization Letter for the child/children to be taken for weekends and outings.
3. Copy of travel documents / Travel Itinerary with Copy of Medical Insurance (if any)
(The passports should be surrendered at TCV Head Office and it will be handed back while leaving the camp.)

Travel Assistance:
If any of the parents have difficulty in reaching TCV, you can write to us for guidance and the Summer Camp Coordinator will help provide all necessary arrangements.Parents will bear the expenses incurred in arranging these.

Program Fees/Costs:
The total amount for a single child to attend the TCV Summer Camp Programme is US $ 350/– or Its equivalent amount. Kindly add an additional amount of US$ 250 for those joining the tour to Dehradun and US$ 100 for those needing travel assistance.
Camp + tour + travel = US $ 700/-
Camp+ tour = US$ 600/-
Camp + travel = US $ 450/-

Make the check payable to: “Tibetan Community Development Fund” and enclose it with the application.

Parents are requested to send adequate pocket money with your child and maybe deposited at the office.


To apply, please complete the application and the authorization form below and follow the instruction given at the end of the application form.

Application form.
Authorization letter.

For more information please contact:
Mr. Tenzin Tsepak
Tibetan Liaison officer.
Office of Tibet
1228 17th ST NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (212) 213 – 5010


Migmar Tsering
TCV Summer School Programme
Head Office, TCV School Dharamsala Cantt.
Distt. Kangra, H.P., 176216 INDIA

Tel: (+91) 1892-221686 | Fax: (+91) 1892-221670

Last date to receive application at office of Tibet is June 08, 2018

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