Trungkar Sponsors

Tashi Delek, 

On behalf of TAA , executives would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers, sponsors, donors and all the soccer players. A big thank you to Geshe la and Jam Tse Choling for hosting soccer players from out of town during their stay in Calgary. We also like to thank all the members who participated in the voting during Trunkar, please see attached result of the vote, counted and signed by Jamphell Dorjee la and Dechen Yeshi la…thank you both for your time.  

We take this opportunity to especially thank all the businesses who sponsored our first Trunkar Soccer Tournament. Please see attached details, they provide excellent services! Please contact them directly if you need their services.  
Realtors – Dorjee Lama la (Rado la), Tenzin Nyima la and Pema Lektsog la.  Roofing & Repairs  – Gangsang Roofing Corp. Renovations – Snowlion Renovations Inc. 

Vehicle services – Midas Auto Repair

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